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Expr Editor

An embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. With full support of Expr language.

"We use Expr Editor in our product. It's a great tool for our internal users to write and test Expr expressions."

"As a developer, I appreciate the straightforwardness of Expr Editor. It's a reliable addition to our toolkit, helping to streamline the process of writing and testing Expr expressions without overcomplicating things."

"Expr Editor is a handy tool for us, simplifying the writing and testing of Expr expressions. It's straightforward and effective."


Syntax highlighting

Beautiful syntax highlighting with vivid colors and easy customization via CSS.

Code completion

Code completion for all Expr keywords, functions, and variables.

Env support

Full support for custom environments, including custom functions, variables, and types.


Can be easily embedded in any web page.

Easy to extend

Easily extendable via plugins.

Supports all modern browsers

Supports all modern browsers, including mobile browsers.

Any frontend framework

Can be used with any frontend framework, including React, Vue, Angular, etc.

Open source

Open source under MIT license.


The core is only 11KB gzipped, no dependencies.